Getting legal help with an uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce in Texas is a simple, amicable approach that many couples would choose, if possible. Not all divorces are heated, high-conflict proceedings, contrary to what you might see in the movies. In some relationships, couples discover they and their marriage partners have different goals or expectations. Or they realize that from the start they never were compatible as marital partners.

Paving the way to uncontested divorce

If you and your spouse can sit down and discuss divorce, it might be the beginning of an amicable resolution. There may be common objectives that you both want to achieve through divorce. Perhaps you can agree on how to divide your property and spend time with your children. At least if you both agree that divorce is the right move, you can begin the divorce process without using a process server.

A waiver of citation is a legal document that allows you and your spouse to begin a divorce without having to serve legal notice. One spouse files the divorce petition. The other spouse agrees to sign a waiver of citation with a notary present.

This waiver allows the spouse on the receiving end to receive the petition from their spouse or their spouse’s attorney.

Attorneys can help a couple with accounting for assets and debts and deciding how they want to divide their communal property.

In regards to children, couples will need to agree on custody, visitation and child support.

How can mediation assist you with an uncontested divorce in Texas?

Texas courts often favor mediation. During mediation, a neutral party (which can be an attorney) helps spouses find common grounds regarding the terms of their divorce. Once they address all the issues and agree on terms, the mediator would draft a final agreement.

The advantages of an uncontested divorce are numerous, including the fact that it is less expensive. Also, proceedings can move more quickly, and there is generally less emotional stress.

Do you need legal help?

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