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Deciding to wait after the holidays to divorce is a reasonable decision because the nature of divorce is stressful. There are legal factors to understand and outcomes to plan for that require your attention and commitment. In addition, the holidays are a busy time, often packed with activities, such as family get-togethers, parties, celebration and shopping. The timing for divorce might not be optimum for various reasons.


With divorce, a certain level of disagreement exists, or an individual would not consider dissolving the marriage. This is true whether the spouses no longer share the same goals or areas of conflict exist. At any rate, many people strive to make divorce as amicable as possible, especially when they have children. Given that some people already find the holidays stressful, divorce would make it even more so.


December holidays involve more expense than most other times of the year. The costs of gifts, throwing or attending parties and holiday getaways add up. When involved in divorce, you incur legal expenses such as attorney fees, filing and serving expenses. In addition, if you or your spouse move out of the residence, there are the added expenses of other living quarters and living separately.

Effect on Children

Many children experience loss when their parents separate or divorce. It is an emotionally difficult time for them. Yet, the holidays are supposed to be happy, full of fun and a source of cherished memories. Not to mention, children are often the focus during the Christmas season. Imagine how announcing your divorce would affect them. Not only would the year you announce the divorce be a sad one, but as future holiday seasons approach, children might struggle with conflicted emotions. Being reminded of divorce during the holiday season can be stressful for children. Perhaps it would be difficult for you, as well.

(Reference: Life Connections Counseling)

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